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Choosing Secure Bonds In Forestry

Bonds offer many advantages over other types of investments, including the fact they offer relatively low volatility compared to stocks. They can also include legal protection and generally have high liquidity.

If you’re interested in investing in a bond, it could be a great idea to invest in sustainable forestry.

Sustainable forests are crucial for fighting against climate change and are important for making better use of land.

There have been record-breaking amounts of investment in forestry in the UK over the past few years, with £151.15m ($160.8m) worth of productive forests being traded in 2014. Forestry bonds can be developed at many levels, including government, municipal and corporate.

Green IS Group run highly efficient sustainable forestry plantations in Brazil, where we support the local community and help increase carbon capture at the same time. We grow teak wood that is used to make a variety of products for a number of industries.

We produce the highest quality finished products and pride ourselves on the most ethical and ecological practices. By investing in forestry you can contribute towards the progress of forest preservation, combined with sustainable regional economic development.

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