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Discover Our Ethical Forestry Investments

Are you looking to buy timber wholesale and wish to invest in beautiful wood that is produced ethically and sustainably?

Managed forestry projects can preserve and conserve natural resources, along with helping to control and supervise natural resources such as flora, fauna and soil.

Green IS Group specialise in ethical forestry investments, with our teak trees grown at sustainable forestry plantations in Brazil- a country that has suffered from extensive illegal logging which has stripped the land of much of its rich wildlife and flora. We look to fight back against such illegal logging by producing teak wood ethically.

Our sustainable plantations are based in the State of Rondonia, in the north of Brazil, where we’ve tested many methods of cultivation.

Governed by the internationally recognised Forestry Stewardship Council, Green IS Group ensure that our young trees have the chance to grow properly and therefore contribute towards protecting the atmosphere and soaking up carbon dioxide.

Our company was founded 10 years ago by a technical forestry expert who now runs a company that grows and processes tropical hardwood. You can check out pictures of our plantations on our Instagram, where you can get a taste of what we offer.

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