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Finding And Discovering International Sustainable Investments

Investments of the past have always been tailored around the biggest and most expensive things. Buildings, housing, energy, motoring and more. However, investing in something that is unsustainable and has a limited life expectancy is a risk in today’s economy, and many are searching for alternative means. Our job at Green IS to provide the platform for international sustainable investments that put something back into the world we live in, the parks we walk through and the air we breathe.

A sustainable and ethical approach to investing is available when you begin the process with Green IS – a leading provider of sustainable plantations which are prime for your investment. Our job is to guide you through the range of options available for you and your partners. To help you find out more about our international sustainable investments at Green IS, here are two ways we help the planet with our work:

  1. Replanting: One of the ways that we choose to improve our planet’s future is through replanting as we go. For every tree that we harvest at Green IS, we will plant ten more.
  2. Atmospheric lock in: The aim of our work at Green IS is to help the lock in of carbon and help our warming planet. In areas such as Brazil where deforestation has been devastating, it is vital that sustainability is at the forefront of everything.

To discover the potential of our international sustainable investments and to discuss your specific options, speak with our team today.