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Forestry Investment Funds

Sustainability through foresting is something that is progressive and benefits all of our futures. The state of deforestation around the world and the insistence on blindly following accepted practices means that human kind has been taking a backward step for a while. Our forestry investment funds give businesses, individuals and groups the opportunity to place their money with an investment that grows, develops and can be palpably seen.

These developments are part of our service at Green IS which aims to be a leading service in the ethical investments sector. It has developed a lot in the past few years due to the general acceptance that we need to do more for our planet, but that doesn’t mean one thing can stop it. Our forestry investment funds are one step closer to securing the future blossoming of tree plantations in Brazil.

Why choose us for our forestry investment funds in the UK?

An investment from our service at Green IS will be something that you can see and keep a track of with ease. Our secure tree plantations for teak in Brazil are just the beginning of our foray into the world of forestry investment funds on a larger scale.

Trees harvest the CO2 in the air and help to put oxygen back into the atmosphere. This vital service can only be continued with such initiatives as our forestry investment funds at Green IS.

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