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Interested In Green Forestry Bonds?

Does your company specialise in products made of tropical hardwood? Are you a timber buyer who wants to make more ethical purchases in 2019?

Green IS Group is ideal for anybody interested in investing in bonds in this field.

The demand for tropical hardwood has never been higher, which is having a catastrophic effects on the rainforests. One of Brazil’s most valuable assets are its rainforests, with the country home to 60% of the Amazon rainforest which covers much of the north west of the country and extends into Columbia, Peru and other South American countries.

This is world’s largest rainforest and is renowned for its biodiversity. However, illegal logging has led to whole swathes of land being destroyed.

For every tree we plant, we always plant ten more, making sure that our young trees have a chance to grow and ‘lock in’ atmospheric carbon.

This is where Green IS Group run our sustainable forestry project, where we control teak wood production from seed to plank. All our teak comes from our own plantations and therefore does not have an effect on the rainforests.

We’re ideal for anybody looking to invest in bonds or work with a sustainable supplier in the forestry business.

The forestry market is considered a low risk investment, with much of its value coming from the growth of trees and not market movement, making them great for bond investors.

Our products are designed for wholesale timber buyers and are guaranteed to be of the finest quality.

For more information on our sustainable forestry production, why not read more about Green IS Group today?