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International Ethical Investments in Forestry

Teak wood is in-demand all over the world, which means it’s often produced from illegal logging. Fortunately, these types of trees are also perfect for sustainable tree plantations because they grow without the need for extensive irrigation, and its natural oils ward off most pests.

Although their natural habitat is South East Asia, Brazil also has good conditions for growing these types of trees, and farmers have been encouraged to do so.

If you’re looking for international investments in ethical forestry projects, Green IS Group are helping to fight against illegal logging in Brazil.

Green IS Group operate under licensing terms strictly enforced by IBAMA – a federal agency responsible for the development of activities related to the preservation and conservation of natural resources. This organisation also controls and supervises the use of natural resources such as water, flora, fauna and soil.

Although the natural habitat for teak is South East Asia, Brazilian farmers have been encouraged to take advantage of good teak-growing conditions for a host of reasons: to promote tree coverage and carbon capture; to stimulate the local economy; to produce exports that bring in foreign currency; and most importantly, to focus on non-native species of timber.

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