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International Sustainable Investments

Sustainability can be achieved in a number of ways. From individuals and families through to businesses and corporations, sustainable methods of using, recycling, eating, working and even investing can become the norm – and great strives are being made towards that end. Our international sustainable investments at Green IS are chosen by corporations and individuals across the world who are searching for an ethical route of investment.

How do our international sustainable investments work?

Our plantation bonds and ethical forestry bonds work in the same way that any investment functions and operates. Our international sustainable investments allow you to inject your money into our developing tree plantations in the north of Brazil. These various projects will offer you a sustainable line of investment and help us to provide the area with tree planting rather than damaging deforestation.

What are the benefits of our work at Green IS?

We will work with you to ensure you find the right investment type and size for your needs. Our team work hard to ensure that all of our tree plantations – which span the Rondonia state of Brazil – are ideally suited to individuals, corporations and organisations the world over looking for sustainable investments.

To discover why our tree plantations in Brazil coupled with our 20 years’ experience make us the ideal choice, speak with us today.