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Invest Ethically In Teak Wood

Thanks to the latest climate change protests in London and the recent celebration of Earth Day, the environment has been in the headlines a great deal over the past week.

If your company is looking to invest ethically in teak wood, Green IS Group are here to help you find out more about our sustainable forestry projects. We are dedicated to meeting the demand for tropical hardwood without causing damage to the rainforests.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies to invest ethically in our teak wood. We produce all of our products at our plantations where we employ certified and sustainable forestry practices.

Prince Charles once said, ‘Forests are the air conditioning system- the lungs of the planet- and we are on the verge of switching them off.’ He couldn’t be more right. The rainforests in particular are important for providing what’s known as a ‘carbon sink’ which soaks up excess carbon dioxide.

Join the fight against illegal logging and invest in ethically produced wood.

Our sustainable and ethical production of teak has led to Green IS Group boasting of the highest quality finished product, industry-leading ecological practices and excellent relationships with farmers in Brazil.

By buying ethically produced wood, you can help join the fight against global warming.

If you’re looking to invest ethically in teak wood, why not discover more about Green IS Group today?