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Invest Ethically In Teak Wood

Want to make the most of a rapidly growing market?

By investing in sustainable forestry, you’re helping to generate a powerful social and environmental impact on the world.

The global demand for legally, sustainably produced timber has been growing for some time now and it’s use in new builds has too. This is due to the durable material providing the lowest energy consumption and the carbon dioxide emissions.

Green IS Group enable you to invest ethically in teak wood, grown sustainably in Brazil, where illegal logging has destroyed vast swathes of rainforest and led to the loss of habitat for a wealth of indigenous wildlife and flora.

Teak trees are ideal for sustainable tree plantations because they can be grown without the need for extensive irrigation; they also have natural oils, which can ward off pests, including termites.

Governed by the internationally recognised Forestry Stewardship Council, our replanting programme guarantees that young trees have the chance to thrive and therefore lock in atmospheric carbon. Our products are designed for wholesale timber buyers and include a great choice of beautiful wood.

If you’re considering investing in forestry, why not discover more about Green IS Group today.