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Invest Ethically In Teak Wood

Do you specialise in teak products and want to invest ethically?

Along with mahogany, teak is one of the world’s most endangered wood species. However, it is ideal for sustainable tree plantations, since it grows without the need for extensive irrigation and has natural oils which repel pests.

Green IS Group choose to produce our sustainable teak in Brazil to promote tree coverage and carbon capture in this country, along with stimulating the local economy.

For every tree we harvest, we plant ten more.

Designed for wholesale timber buyers, our teak products are all of the highest quality and always the result of sustainable forestry. We’re ideal for wholesalers who want to invest more ethically in 2019, with our plantations employing certified and sustainable forestry practices in carefully managed plantations.

Our finished planks are sent to our joinery workshops and warehouses, ready for delivery to our clients.

Green IS Group’s licenced products are ideal for those looking to join the fight against illegal logging and help lock-in atmospheric carbon. Certified by the internationally recognized Forestry Stewardship Council, we regularly work with companies in the UK.

We can help you meet the demand for tropical hardwood without compromising your integrity.

Why not discover more about investing ethically in tropical hardwood?