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Investigating Secure Investment Funds In Forestry?

Sustainable forestry is not only important for reducing levels of deforestation, it directly benefits both people and the environment, including contributing to carbon sequestration along with water, soil and biodiversity conservation.

Do you want to contribute to a greener world by investing in forestry? Are you interested in tropical hardwood like teak?

Teak is prized for its strength, pest-resistance and water-proof properties, making it highly in demand for all types of products. In turn, it is a great choice for anybody looking to make secure investments in this type of wood.

Why choose Green IS Group for secure investment funds?

Green IS Group is ideal for anybody looking to make socially responsible investments in this type of product. We practise highly responsible practises for the sourcing of teak wood and pride ourselves on being sustainable, ethical and efficient.

Sustainable forestry balances the need for forest-based resources and economic benefits with the long-term health of the forest. So instead of harvesting a whole area, you manage a forest, extracting some resources while maintaining the forest’s long-term health.

Green IS Group have long-standing relationships with farmers in Brazil and strictly control the production of our teak from seed to plank, with our products ideal for timber wholesalers who want a supply of wood produced from sustainable sources.

If you’re looking for a supplier who practise responsible forestry, why not discover more about the Green IS Group today?