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Looking To Make Ethical And Green Investments?

We all want to contribute towards a greener world, whether it’s by reducing the amount of plastic in the oceans or cutting down on Co2 omissions.

Green IS Group specialise in ethical investments in tropical hardwood, offering the finest quality teak products made using timber produced at sustainable forests.

Both elegant and durable, teak is often used for luxury furniture and possesses many natural qualities that other woods don’t have, making it highly sought-after all over the world.

Since teak can be grown without the need for extensive irrigation and has oils which are naturally pest repellent, it is ideal for sustainable plantations. It also has a high capacity for carbon absorption, which means the planting of these trees is important for the reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Our Managing Director has worked in the Brazilian hardwood industry for over 30 years and Green IS Group always ensure the finished products are of the finest quality. Our licenced, sustainably managed plantations are based in Brazil and certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council.

Making investments in teak wood is a great way to join the fight against illegal logging and reduce the effects of global warming at the same time.

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