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Looking To Make Ethical Investments In Forestry

Sustainable forestry is one of the most important ways to fight against climate change.

There’s never been more focus on improving the environment, with climate change protests taking place all over the world, and a greater focus on disappearing species, such as the Northern White Rhino.

More extreme weather conditions are also a regular reminder, with the UK having it’s hottest day on record recently!

Sustainable forestry is one of the most important ways of promoting carbon capture and is also important for indigenous wildlife and protecting communities. In short, it benefits both people and the environment.

Make investments that truly make a difference.

Green IS Group specialise in sustainably produced tropical teak wood, grown at plantations in Brazil. Our teak wood is used for the highest quality finished products such as high end furniture.

We have nurseries capable of producing 1,000,000 seedlings per year, moving through a network of sustainably farmed plantations. With a strong corporate structure, we enable people to make safe and strategic investments in the future.

For more information on our ethical investments, explore the Green IS website today.