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Looking To Make Secure Investments In Forestry?

With more than 200,000 acres of rainforest destroyed every day, it’s high time the world took notice. Making investments in sustainable forestry is one of the best ways to protect the world’s rainforests.

The destruction of the rainforests has been one of the main driving forces behind an extinction rate of wildlife unmatched in 65 million years. It’s having detrimental effects on the atmosphere and increasing global warming by reducing levels of carbon capture. Sadly, only 8% of forests are currently protected in the world at present.

With increasing amounts of attention being drawn to climate change, it’s becoming more popular to make investments in forestry and these types of bonds can be highly secure.

Making investments in forestry is a wise decision.

A sustainable forest is one in which trees felled are carefully and skilfully managed, being replaced with seedlings that grow into mature trees. In comparison, buying unsustainable wood has a negative effects on the trees harvested, human rights and the endangered species living there.

Green IS Group are specialists in ethical and sustainable forestry and can help meet the demand for tropical hardwood. Our teak plantations in Brazil are governed by the internationally recognised Forestry Stewardship Council.

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