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Make Ethical Investments In Forestry

Teak is well-known for being one of the highest quality woods, with its natural oils making it durable even when untreated by oil or varnish. It also boasts an impressive tensile strength and a tight grain.  

Although teak from old trees was once believed to be more durable than plantation grown wood, studies have now shown it’s on a par when it comes to erosion rate, dimensional stability, warping and surface checking. This is good news, because teak consumption raises a wide range of environmental concerns.

Green IS Group want to help companies meet the demand for tropical hardwood while making the world a greener place at the same time.

We enable all kinds of businesses specialising in teak furniture to make ethical investments in forestry, with an assurance that all our wood is produced at sustainable plantations in Brazil.

We only employ certified, sustainable forestry practices at carefully managed plantations. Our plantations not only encourage the production of carbon dioxide but support local farmers in Brazil. For every trees we cut down, we plant 10 more.

If you’re interested in making investments in forestry, why not discover more about Green IS Group today?