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Make Green Investments in 2019

Sustainably managed forests are essential for ensuring the future health of our planet. With the recent Amazon fires tearing through the rainforest, we’ve all been reminded of how important ‘the lungs of the earth’ are.

It’s estimated more than 82,000 fires blazed in Brazil and more than half the fires were in the Amazon basin. Many of these fires have been linked to farmers clearing vegetation.

Conserving our rainforests is more important than ever.

An FSC certified company, Green IS Group specialise in growing sustainably produced teak trees, which are used to create a range of beautiful products designed for wholesale timber buyers.

Green IS Group help people to make green investments in teak wood grown in Brazil.

We work with and support local Brazilian communities while producing over 1,000,000 seedlings a year.

Our company is unique in being a completely integrated business where we control every aspect of the growing and processing of teak. We invest heavily in our production capacity and infrastructure, we’re fully prepared for future growth.

Discover more about making green investments in teak today.