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Make Green Investments in Teak Wood

With recent studies finding tree growing has mind-blowing potential to tackle climate change, there’s never been a better time to invest in tropical hardwood. Planting trees is by far the most efficient way to increase carbon capture, according to a report in The Guardian.

Does your company specialise in products made from teak? Are you looking to make green investments in tropical hardwood?

Teak has many outstanding natural properties which make it ideal for long-lasting outdoor furniture. Its natural oils make it insect repellent and naturally weather-resistant. Elegant and durable, it’s often used to make some of the most expensive furniture.

Although most teak wood is grown in Indonesia and South Eastern countries like Thailand, Burma and Malaysia, there are propitious growing conditions in Brazil, making it the ideal place for sustainable plantations like those run by the Green IS Group.

We regularly work with wholesale timbers buyers looking to make greener investments in this type of wood. Our beautiful products are produced from wood grown in the most environmentally friendly way.

If you’re looking to make green investments in teak wood, why not discover more about Green IS Group today?