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Make Secure Investments in Forestry

Based on the rainforest’s southern fringe, Rondonia in Brazil has one of the least travelled river journeys in the Amazon. It’s also where you’ll find our sustainable foresty plantations, with trees grown in various locations in the state, including Golden Frog, Marmoset, Puma, Toco Toucan and Timber Mill Jaru.

Our team have been involved in this industry for over 20 years and enable people to make secure investments in the sustainable growth of teak wood. Governed by the internationally recognized Forestry Stewardship Council, our replanting programmes ensure that young teak trees have a chance to thrive.

Investing in sustainable forestry is not only highly profitable, but it also offers many other benefits, including the fact it

  • reduces greenhouse gases
  • improves the eco-system including water quality, air quality and soil productivity.
  • Is great for the local community and support farmers in the area.

Unfortunately, due to the latest fires in Brazil, many parts of the rainforests have been affected, but fortunately, our plantations have remained intact.

If you’re looking to make secure investments and are considering forestry, why not discover more about Green IS Group?