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Make Socially Responsible Investments In Forestry

Sustainable forests are carefully managed so that every tree that’s culled is replaced. If you’re looking to make socially responsible investments, this is an excellent field in which to get started.

Green IS Group are ideal for companies looking to make ethical investments in teak wood, one of the world’s most sought-after tropical hardwoods.

Along with mahogany, teak is one of the world’s most endangered woods. Sustainable forestry practises are therefore more important than ever for this type of timber. Tragically, less than 10% of the world’s remaining forests are currently protected from further destruction, according to The Independent, and this needs to change fast.

The government has also missed its planting goal of 86% in 2015 and has been urged to facilitate the growth of more woodland.

Worse yet, the harvesting of teak has been associated with highly destructive conflicts in Asian countries like Burma. Because of human rights violations, Asianic teak has often been referred to as ‘conflict teak’.

Green IS Group produce our teak wood at sustainable plantations in Brazil where we support the local community. Our timber is then sold to timber wholesalers all over the world.

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