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Searching For International Forestry Investments?

Green IS Group offer great opportunities for anybody searching for international forestry investments in tropical hardwood.

Our company specialise in producing teak wood at sustainable plantations in the State of Rondonia, Brazil, and have clients all over the world who have invested in our teak products and are looking to contribute towards a greener planet.

So, why choose us if you’re looking for international forestry investments?

Teak wood has many incredible qualities including its resistance to fungus, rot, fire and termites. It is also one of the fastest growing tropical hardwoods but it takes around 20-25 years to grow one mature tree. The older the tree the more valuable it is.

There is a growing demand all over the world for this type of wood which is contributing towards illegal logging and deforestation.

Although its natural habitat is South East Asia, farmers in Brazil have been encouraged to take advantages of propitious conditions for growing teak so they can increase tree coverage and levels of carbon capture. Our ethical forestry projects in Brazil not only contribute towards a more environmentally-friendly planet, they support the farmers in the part of the world.

Green IS Group have an in-depth knowledge of this type of tree and for every single plant we harvest we grow ten more. We’ve been involved in running sustainable forestry plantations for over 20 years.

For more information about our forestry investments, simply discover more about Green IS Group today.