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Secure Ethical Investments in Teak Wood

Green IS Group is ideal for companies looking to make secure and ethical investments in teak wood- one of the world’s most popular tropical hardwoods.

Teak is treasured for its grain quality, beauty and durability. However the acquisition of this tropical hardwood from its natural environment in Asian rainforests is having a catastrophic effect. Teak trees are important for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and their removal is also terrible for wildlife.

Green IS Group can help companies meet the demand for teak while making a secure, ethical investment at the same time.

Our sustainable plantations are based in Brazil, a country that has suffered from extensive and often illegal logging. This has led to swathes of rainforest being turned into pasture and farmland, which reduces the rainforest’s ability to act as a ‘carbon sink’.

However, the introduction of teak trees in to Brazil is ideal for sustainable tree plantations since they don’t need extensive irrigation and the wood’s natural oils ward away pests. Our ethical production of teak wood means we plant ten trees for every one we cut down. This encourages carbon capture because planting another tree is the easiest way to do this.

If you’re looking to make a secure and ethical investment, why not discover more about Green IS Group today?