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Secure Forestry Bonds For The Future

Forests across the world are integral to our progression as humans. Their ability to take in carbon dioxide, to help provide protection to the forest floor and the habitats that they create are invaluable. Not enough companies are doing enough to bring the focus towards our forests, but we feel we have found a solution that benefits the planet and your venture into business.

At Green IS we are a leading purveyor of secure forestry bonds that combine our need to do something about our planet and the use of investments. Our job is to work with farmers and forestry experts in Brazil – a country that has seen incredible deforestation – to help replant and create plantations that are sustainable and useful.

Why choose our secure forestry bonds?

Investments can be difficult to choose because they have a high degree of risk. When you are placing your trust and money in secure forestry bonds such as ours that are founded in ethical and sustainable practices, you can have assurances that your investment moving in the right direction.

Another main reason to choose our secure forestry bonds is the fact that you are investing in something that is planted into the ground and something that is beneficial to the world we all live in.

To discover more about our work at Green IS and how you can get involved, please speak with us today.