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Socially Responsible Investments In Teak Wood

Do you use tropical hardwood for your products and want to make more socially responsible investments in 2019?

There has been a huge demand for tropical hardwoods over the past few years, with the wood used for everything from decking to garden furniture. Teak in particular is renowned for its durability, pest resistance, termite resistance and water-proof properties.

However, sustainable forestry practises for the sourcing of hardwoods, like teak, have been largely neglected and poorly managed. For example, in South Sedan the teak forests have been falling fast thanks to foreign owned firms which is bringing many environmental risks. Furthermore, it has been causing chaos for the communities who have not received the roads and other assistance promised to them in exchange for such deals.

Green IS Group is ideal for anybody looking to make socially responsible investments in this type of product. We practise highly responsible practises for the sourcing of teak wood which are sustainable, ethical and efficient.

We have long-standing relationships with farmers in Brazil and strictly control the production of our teak from seed to plank. Our products are ideal for timber wholesalers who want a socially responsible source of this type of wood.

If you’re looking for a supplier who practise responsible forestry, why not discover more about the Green IS Group today?