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Socially Responsible Investments

Investments have always been historically about how to get the most bang for your buck, without giving a thought to what damage this may be doing to the environment and our future.

With Green IS Group, this stops here. We run ethical and sustainable teak plantations, meaning for every 1 tree we harvest, we plant 10 more.

Over the past four years, the International Tropical Timber Organisation has tracked a steady increase in the price of teak, fuelled by consistent demand from traditional markets and huge growth in emerging markets.

Despite this growing demand, the supply of teak is constrained by an international boycott on felling teak trees in their natural environment. This is why Green IS plantations employ certified, sustainable forestry practices in carefully managed plantations.

What this means for you, as an investor, is you now have an avenue for sustainable and ethical investing when you begin the process with Green IS. We value Socially Responsible Investments and you can know that with us, your investment is not centred around invisible assets but real life plantations that have a footing in the earth for many years.

If you would like to talk to us about how to get involved with Socially Responsible Investments, please fill in the form on our site. Alternatively you can email us on info@greenis.co.uk or call directly on +44 207 556 0910.