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What Are International Ethical Investments?

In our personal lives many of us are trying to find ways to be more sustainable. Whether that is by recycling, re-using or investing in biological food products, it is important that we take responsibility of our actions. The consequences can be seen the world over from the rising world temperatures to the disregard of our forests and rainforests – an integral part of our ecosystem. However, do international ethical investments for businesses exist?

At Green IS we have developed a way to combine this growing passion and awareness for our planet with investments. We provide international ethical investments that are not centred around invisible assets, but real-life plantations that have a footing in the earth for many years.

Why choose our international ethical investments at Green IS?

We believe that companies taking the effort to stay ethical or find green solutions to their business decisions are going to be taking centre stage in the future. Those that are already in this area can get an early advantage while helping the communities where our plantations exist.

Our Brazilian teak plantations are merely the starting point for our projects and vision for the future. We work closely with plantation owners in Brazil to retain our status and reputation as an international green investment provider.

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