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Why You Should Put Your Faith In Ethical Green Investments

‘Our Planet’ by the BBC and David Attenborough once again highlighted the importance of our natural surroundings in preserving human life on earth. The importance of forestry is underlined time and time again to show the impact that deforestation can have on our futures. Forestry investments and bonds, therefore, can be an important tool in helping to not only fund but generate funds.

More and more people are turning to ethical green investments that can offer a business or individual with something conscious and deep-rooted, especially when you take a look at our investment opportunities at Green IS. We have been working hard to establish not only a green and ecologically-friendly set of tree plantations in Brazil but to create a strong corporate structure that can stand up to the test of time.

Why is it the right time to make ethical and green investments?

While it can be seen as a stand against deforestation, our investments are also safe and secure. Placing your money into bonds and investments that are rooted into the ground will give you more confidence about your return on investment compared to traditional investment methods routinely used across the world.

Our team at Green IS are passionate about making a difference with our ethical green investments and can help you take advantage of these exciting and growing opportunities.

To discuss your options with our experienced team about green ethical investments, speak with us today.

*As with all investments, capital is at risk. This investment does not offer FSCS protection.