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The demand for tropical hardwood

Teak has been popular for centuries and we can even track the price accurately for the past 100 years. According to The ITTO Teak has risen 300% in value over the last 4 years and demand continues to outstrip supply as emerging economies continue to grow.

Currently China is the biggest market for Teak in the world due to demand for building materials. There is an international boycott on felling Teak trees in their natural environment as often large swathes of rainforest are felled just to get at one tree and yet only 1% of the world's Teak is Forestry Steward Council (FSC) certified as sustainable plantation Teak.

Sustainable plantation teak

By growing Sustainable Plantation Teak you are helping to save existing rainforests from unscrupulous forestry practices and restoring previously deforested land to something like its original natural biodiversity, which in turn also benefits the environment further as Teak has one of the highest carbon sequestration rates.

In conclusion, Teak products are not only low risk and highly profitable but also environmentally sound and ethical as well.

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Green IS Group Limited is a UK based company that specialises in ethical and sustainable forestry products. Our team has over 30 years experience, in which time they have become some of the most respected experts in their field.

We are constantly looking for new opportunities within the Plantation Forestry, Green Energy and the emerging market of second-generation power sectors.

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We offer a variety of products for our clients:


Timber offers steady returns. Teak, in particular, is a much sought after hardwood for construction and manufacture where demand continues to grow year on year.

Other Products

We also offer opportunities with a range of timber products, such as decking and cut wood, that deliver above inflation returns.