Timber products with outstanding quality and value

Solid teak hardwood decking is not just a commodity at Green IS Projects it is our speciality. Each board is made from our own renewable, small diameter, fast-growing teak trees which gives you a reliable source of quality decking at a very reasonable price.

Why Green IS Timber products?

We can supply:

  • Solid Teak Decking in 19mm, 20mm and 22mm thicknesses.
  • Great ‘A’ grade surface with 100% heart wood.
  • Pre-sanded and calibrated for easy and fast finishing.
  • Excellent screw holding and machinability.
  • Kiln dried to reduce moisture content to produce a flat board with no warp — in all climates.
  • Sustainable resource - we replant all our trees after harvest.
  • Our decking offers excellent value with consistent availability.

Compare our decking to other products on the market; you will not find anything else that comes close for technical specification and cost.

Exceptional Quality

Our teak hardwood decking is sourced from our sustainable plantations in Rondônia, Brazil where we mill a variety of hardwood planks and decking to meet the needs of the woodworking industry. One product that is gaining momentum is our ‘A’ grade teak decking. Each board is made from 16-18 year old teak plantation timber and sanded and calibrated to give them an amazing finish.

As we harvest the Teak from our own plantations we can keep the costs low whilst keeping quality high. So if you are looking for a high quality board with a lower cost, here is your answer.

Teak Decking Specifications

Construction Depth
'A' Grade Heartwood
20% Sapwood
Moisture Content
Solid Teak Decking 19 90 100% Yes 12%
Solid Teak Decking 20 90 100% Yes 12%
Solid Teak Decking 22 90 100% Yes 12%
Solid Teak Planks To meet your specs. To meet your specs. 100% Yes 12%

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